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Xpresser: Easy visual tests with Python

Automating tests is an essential goal of any QA Engineer. It saves precious human resources and allows to maintain a healthy continuous integration. Unit and integration tests are closest to the developer’s work: libraries, classes and functions. However, when a project is GUI-intensive or use software with poor introspection/accessibility capabilities, visual tests are very helpful. In this regard, we at Canonical are developing some good QA tools and one of them is Xpresser.

So, what is Xpresser? It’s a Python framework to do visual tests. It was originally developed by Gustavo Niemeyer. Xpresser’s main feature is to find saved images in the desktop. For example, if we want to check whether the Messaging Menu is active, we first save the blue icon and then command Xpresser to find it: Xpresser checks the whole visible desktop, as a regular person would do with its eyes. Xpresser is not only able to find images, but also to click on them. So in the previous case, will could open the Messaging Menu when active to then check whether Thunderbird is open. Xpresser even allows to simulate the keyboard.

To illustrate this, watch this useful screencast done by Chris Wayne, who works with us at Canonical as QA Engineer in OEM.

Plain easy, isn’t it?

Xpresser is currently available in this PPA ppa:xpresser-team/ppa for Ubuntu Precise and Oneiric.


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