Google Test & Jenkins CI

12 Dec

With Canonical’s growing engagement with test driven development (TDD), we recently started introducing Google Test to a number of our upstream projects. Google Test is a unit testing framework targeted towards C & C++. It is lightweight and offers a load of features that ease unit testing tremendously. Most importantly, it supports automatic test case registration and the notions of test suite environments and fixtures. Here, a developer’s efficiency is our main focus. We acknowledge that providing a decent test coverage requires time and effort and we would like to free a developer from writing boiler plate code for test case setup, teardown and for acutally assembling his test cases.

Recently, we started working on an extension to Google test that introduces a dummy (read:headless) X server environment by means of a custom Google test environment and custom Google test fixtures. In summary, the extension starts and stops a dummy xserver and makes sure that a connection to the server is established correctly as part of the test setup procedure. On tear down, the connection to the X server is terminated before the server instance is stopped. Jump over to launchpad for the actual project and take a look at utouch-frame for a real-world application of the extension.

Test Case Result Integration with Jenkins CI

Continuous integration is a hot topic at Canonical and automatic execution of unit test suites is an integral part of our development model. For this reason, we store all unit test results in Google test’s XML dialect and export it to Jenkins to provide user, developers and QA with a summary of a project’s build status.

Conclusions & Outlook

With the introduction of Google test & Jenkins CI to Canonical’s testing landscape we want to provide the plumbing layer for a TDD environment that is loved by developers. It is the first step towards supporting engineers with meaningful metrics to further understand our software ecosystem and identify blank spots on our software map. Thus, stay tuned for Allan Lesage‘s work on code coverage calculation going to land in the not too distant future 🙂

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